Nokia Messaging now supports HTML

Today Nokia have released a new version of Nokia Messaging with HTML email support.

To get your hands on a copy you need to go to email.nokia.com to as for some reason the version available via Software Update is v10.0.1(16) whereas the new version available from email.nokia.com is version v10.0.1(13) and this version provides the HTML support

Other changes include the setting of the “Remove older than” field to 3 days, which is no longer changeable and the removeal of the size and file type limitation feilds for attachements in the “What to Sync” screens. Also aditional “When to Sync” options have been added in the form of sync every 15 minutes and 30 minutes. The previous minimum was 1 hour.

Pitty they still haven’t enabled the emptying of the “Deleted” folder from any screen of Nokia Messaging as this is still a bit frustration for many. Also we still can’t enable and disable specific mailboxes from auto sync which would be nice. But it’s another step in the right direction.


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