Swype: re-inventing the nokia touch interface

After a little while of using Swype on my N97 I love it.

For a start you get what was delivered a while back by Dasur with in the form of SlideIT, but better, in my opinion anyway. The polish to say that this is a beta has me very impressed.

I will tell you now that you do need to read the FAQs to get the most out of Swype. I initially thought there was no Copy Paste function which nearly caused me uninstall, but then I read the FAQs. I realise reading the instructions is a BIG NO NO for men, but I thought I’d give it a try. I then learnt that if you Swype from the Swype button (bottom left) to the adjacent Symbols key a new navigation menu appears with Copy Paste and select all among others.

It takes a little while to work out where all keys are to speed up your swyping, but as you learn/adjust you speed up. Luckily initially you can still type each key individually. The only issue I have witnessed is that the time to display suggested words can be a little slow, but I’m sure this will improve with time.

Having said all of this I should really tell you where to get hold of the app. Head over to http://betalabs.nokia.com/apps/swype-for-symbian and don’t forget to register at Nokia Beta Labs if you haven’t already as you need to be logged in to download.


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