Nokia Wellness Diary First View

Whilst wondering around the stands at Nokia World 2010, I found a little gem in the form of the eagerly requested update to Nokia Wellness Diary. For those of you who have been involved with the Nokia Beta Labs then you will remember the wonders of Wellness Diary and its links with the Nokia Step Counter and Nokia Sports Tracker. The problem has been that development outwardly dried up about 2 years ago, following which time Nokia Sports Tracker was updated loosing its compatibility with Wellness Diary and was then archived a few months ago. All of these apps were designed for older S60v3 non-touch Nokia devices with no official update for newer S60v5 touch devices.

More recently Nokia Sports Tracker re-appeared with the Nokia link severed, being developed by an independent new-start company run by the original developers under the guise of Sports Tracker. Although this new version does not support some of the older devices which were supported by the older, archived, Nokia version all touch devices are now supported.

Returning the main subject of this blog the new re-build of Wellness Diary is planned to release in Nokia Beta Labs towards the end of 2010, with murmurings of November as a release month. The new system has a completely re-invented GUI and an inbuilt Step Counter. Talks continue between the development and Sports Tracking Technologies about re-creation of it’s old link with Sports Tracker too. User will retain the ability to see histograms showing progress and can set targets for the many areas of wellness recordable within the app.

One interesting new features is an auto prompt for the user to enter the number of hours sleep the user has had at a time setup by the user. I hope to update this posts in the next few days to add images of the demo device so keep watching.


3 Responses to “Nokia Wellness Diary First View”

  1. 1 Vladimir
    September 15, 2010 at 9:27 am

    Do you know if new Wellnes Diary is written in QT?

    • September 19, 2010 at 5:45 pm

      The good news, for some, is that Wellness Diary v2.0 is not being developed in Qt, meaning that users will not have to install c.10Mb of Qt support files if it is not pre-installed on their device. Initially this app is being developed for S60v5 and S60^3 based on my discussions with a rpresentative of the development team at Nokia World 2010.

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