Observations from Nokia World 2010

I originally planned to make a number of separate posts on the different things I saw at Nokia World 2010, but time doesn’t seem to be on my side, resulting in this combined post.

Internal locational equivalent to GPS

My first observation was a newly developed internal location method which uses foot square antenna assembly containing multiple sub-antennae to emitting a separate signals such that a mobile device can operate passively, but be locationally aware based on the comparative location to the separate sub-antennae within an assembly. These units are unable to transmit through solid surfaces like walls and requiring a semi-line-of-site capable of handling partial obstruction for operation. Along with the locational data, locational quality is provided to enable level of faith to be evaluated.

This system because of the antenna assemblies this system does not rely on WiFi signals unlike the Nokia Kamppi Trail meaning that battery consumption is reduced.

Foursquare app for Symbian

My next observation was how pretty the new Foursquare app looks, joint developed by Nokia an Foursquare. This app enables users to check-in, find and follow other users and accept follow requests all from their mobile device. Initially this is being released solely for S60^3 devices, being showcased on the Nokia N8, but an S60v5 version is to follow in the next few weeks. This will pick on the main locational blogging network currents unavailable in the latest BETA release of OVI Maps.

Unluckily the number of people in attendance trying to use GSM and WiFI networks meant that data availability was limited making it hard to demonstrate it’s full capabilities.

OVI Maps latest BETA Release

Whilst at Nokia World the wonder that is OVI Maps returned to Nokia Beta Labs with a new and improved BETA (OVI Maps v3.06 Beta) providing some interesting new features to the already feature rich application. Some of these new features can be found in my next post, which will be dedicated to the new OVI Maps release.

Navteq equivalent to Street View

Another interesting stand, of sorts, at Nokia World 2010 was a Navteq camera vehicle which was parked within the Experience Lounge. The reason for this is that Navteq, having met all legal requirements are developing their own, better, competitor to version  Google Street View. The Navteq version is using High Definition Cameras and other technology to provide 3-dimensional buildings rather than the simple orthographic photographic images provided by Street View. Basically, based on the discussion I had at Nokia World  2010, the Navteq product will provide more, higher quality, information to the end user. I can’t wait to see this product in the wild although it will be limited to PC platforms, initially at least.


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