JoikuSpot comes to Symbian^3

Having used JoikuSpot on my old Nokia N97 I was interested to test it out on the new Nokia N8, running Symbian^3. I was very happy to see that there is a completely new version of app released which is aligned to the new OS.

scr000034 scr000033

One of the first things you will notice is the much simpler interface. It has now become the “Does what it says on the tin” WiFi app for Nokia phones.

The operation could not be simpler once the app is setup. When you open the app you are presented with an info overlay asking if you want to share your internet connection with external devices. Tap “Yes” and the app will start connecting. If you select “No” the left hand tab is selected and  you can go into options or tap on the “Start” icon to enable internet Wi-Fi sharing and be presented with the sharing question again.

Once connected the “Start” icon changes to a simple “Stop” icon and you should see you phone on any Add-Hoc Wi-Fi enabled device as available for connection. One slight disappointment in this area is that the app does not provide Infrastructure connectivity, but I have been informed by a reliable source that this is not possible on Symbian devices. Other than this issue the application is excellent and a must have for any savvy commuters to help surf on your gadgets during your daily travels.

Scr000030JoikuSpot PC2Scr000032

You can download either the free version to test it yourself or go ahead and buy premium version for £8.00, from the OVI Store

Finally So far I have just provided my own opinions so here is the feature list.

JoikuSpot Light FREE Hotspot

  • WLAN access to internet with laptops, iPods and internet tablets
  • HTTP(S) protocol support
  • Multiple parallel connections
  • Pre-defined first web landing page
  • Supports 28 languages
  • Supports S60 3rd Edition, S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 devices
  • Free download at http://www.joiku.com


  • All the JoikuSpot Light functionality +
  • Securing the connection and setting authentication
  • Secured access to corporate intrawebs (VPN)
  • Email protocol support (e.g. Outlook & Gmail)
  • Full support for all network access protocols such as Outlook, Skype, Gmail, YouTube, Messengers…
  • No forced default landing page
  • Adjustable settings (e.g. access point naming)
  • 3G Auto-reconnect
  • Best Speed, Performance and Connection quality
  • 100% customizable for operator and corporate whitelabeling and licencing
  • Supports S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition devices, Symbian^3 devices and Maemo devices
  • Purchase at http://www.joikushop.com

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