Nokia CR-122 N8 & E7 in-Car holder

16102010010The first thing I did when I got my hands on my Nokia N8 was start the search for the right in-car holder for it. For me this always means a Nokia Original. Thanks to a pointer from a friend my search didn’t take long.

The CR-122 is an excellent little device for mounting your new Nokia N8 or prospective Nokia E7 either to your windscreen or dashboard. The first thing you will notice if you had the Nokia N97 In-Car Holder is that the mount is the same, but with an new phone holder. This is in no way a bad thing as I found the holder for my old Nokia N97 was excellent.

The method of mounting is to secure the mount to either you windscreen or dashboard, via the included adhesive backed rubber sucker mount. The Holder then slides open to insert your phone before closing again, with a slide lock on the top edge. Now you lay up the holder to the mount and rotate it clockwise to secure. The mount provides full 360° rotation and >90° pivot, which provides more than enough adjustment.

Below are a few images of the CR-122 in my car to show my preferred set-up. After a little searching I was able to find a coiled phono lead so that I can hook up the audio from my N8 into my car stereo system as well as keeping my phone charged. This means that I can drive along listing to my music tracks on the excellent N8 native music player and have OVI Maps in the foreground automatically fading out the music to provide navigation.

For me this is the perfect combination.


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