Nokia Situations

 Nokia Situations is one of my favourite applications on my Nokia N8.

This is one of those simple apps that changes your phone from a phone to a smart phone, by automating transitions from one profile to the next.


The basic premise of this app is nothing new with the likes of Dr Jukka’s Profile Scheduler and Theme Switcher having been around for years. The difference we don’t have to use third party apps anymore. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against third party apps as I have many installed on my N8. I just prefer to use manufacturer’s own product when available and it works.

The main thing I use Situations for is to switch my phone to silent and power saving at night and quite during working hours.




With Nokia Situations you trigger any combination of the following actions in any situation:

  • Change Ringtones, make the phone go silent or louder, turn vibra on/off, and all the other profile settings.
  • Answer missed calls with SMS. Especially when you set your phone to silent, you can also make it reply to missed calls, from contacts in your phonebook, with a pre-defined SMS.
  • Save Power. Not using phone for a while, like when sleeping? Turn Bluetooth on/off or let your phone change to power-saving mode totally.
  • Change UI theme / Wallpaper. Want to make the phone look different in different situations? Change the Theme during free time vs. when you are at work.
  • Open a Web bookmark or application. Want to see weather forecast for the day when you wake up? Look at the calendar as first thing? Or open your favorite TV show discussion page at show time? Or perhaps change the Device Mode when at work?

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To enable the device to act on the situation, you can tell the device to watch for the following conditions (separately or in combination):

  • Scheduled.  Set period of time, Set active days, Set during active calendar events.
  • Location. Nearby (GSM location), Current location (GPS fix), From Map (use Ovi maps)
  • Connectivity. Wi-Fi (when in range), Bluetooth

The one down side with the current set-up is that every Situation creates a new Profile and you can not set different times of day for the same Situation for different days of the week. This is where Dr Jukka’s offering exceeds as it does not create profiles, but rather enables the user to select to an existing Profile and link it to any set of rules for activation. Dr Yukka’s Profile Switcher and Theme Switcher do not have rules for de-activation requiring more rules to re-enable the original profile/theme.

Hopefully the current limitations with Nokia Situations will be corrected in a future issue. We just need Nokia to enable time of day setting for each day when setting for multiple days.


2 Responses to “Nokia Situations”

  1. February 24, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    Nice info, Martyn.

    Just so you know, the other side in Android has similar capabilities via apps or custom ROMs. It’s nice to have choices, thanks for keeping me up on Nokia’s mods.

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