Nokia Bubbles

Shot07-168x300After many years of functional apps from the Nokia Beta Labs comes Nokia Bubbles showing the fun side of Nokia. This fun little screensaver app replaces the standard options with a simple digital clock, but the fun begins when you use the menu button to disengage the screensaver as the user is provided with a number of bubble icons with a background image or slideshow.

If this tweaks you interest, which it should, you have three options. The first is to download the small core set of seven bubbles, with the second option being to download the core plus three (previously four) additional bubbles.

The way it works is that you touch and hold a specific icon bubble and another related bubble appears.

Core Bubbles

Key-168x300Key bubble

The Key bubble is the simplest of the bubbles unlocking the phone once you have dragged the key bubble into the lock bubble (drop point) which appears after you touch and hold the key icon.

If the security code request is set in your phone the code is requested after unlock command is activated.

New Message bubble

The New Message bubble only becomes visible when you have a new (unread) text message on your phone. Once selected the latest two messages will have their own bubbles (drop points) display on screen which open the respective Conversation views in the Messaging app. If there are more than two unread messages a third bubble (drop point) will display which opens the Messaging Inbox.

Missed Call bubble

The Missed Calls bubble appears when you have unchecked missed calls on your phone. Like the New Message bubble depressing the Missed Call bubble causes dedicated bubbles (drop points) appear for the last two missed calls and a third bubble (drop point) leading to the Call Log app.

Music Player bubble

Music Player bubble

The Music Player bubble is another useful little bubble that becomes selectable if the Music Player app is open. Depressing it causes play/pause (toggle), next song and previous song bubbles (drop points) to appear. What this means is that you no longer need to fully disengage the screensaver to control the music player.

Radio bubble

As with the Music Player bubble, the Radio bubble providing bubbles (drop points) to toggle the radio on/off and change the switch between the next and previous predefined stations on the stations list.


Friends bubble

Friends bubble

The Friends bubble provides fast access to up to three phone numbers from the Contacts app. By dropping the bubble into one of the three contact bubbles (drop points) the call is initiated to associated person. If you want to send a message instead of calling a contact keep the bubble depressed on the contact’s bubble (drop point) for about 2 seconds revealing a new bubble (drop point) which leads you directly to message editor with the address field already filled out. If you want to remove (or change) the person in the bubble just keep the bubble on top of the relevant bubble (drop point) and after the timeout you’ll see the “remove this contact” bubble (drop point) which lets you free up the selected bubble (drop point) for another contact.


Profiles bubbleProfile bubble

The final core bubble is the Profile bubble enabling you to change profiles to Meeting (holding hands), General (musical note) or Silent (musical note with clash though) without disengaging the screen lock.

Additional to providing the ability to switch to the three profiles, you can also select to switch to the respective profile for one, two or three hours by holding the bubble on the relevant profile bubble (drop point) for 2 seconds and then dragging the bubble onto the relevant time bubble (drop point).

“Background” bubble

The Background bubble is a little different in as much as it is not a bubble at all. If you long press on the screen rather than a bubble you will see two bubbles (drop points) appear, namely the background image change toggle and background image selection:

background bubbleBackground image change: if the the drop point shows the “cycle” graphics (play symbol) you will have a slideshow of selected background images in bubbles. If the drop point shows the “still” graphics (no play symbol) you will have the a single static background in bubbles (current image won’t change). The change interval for the background images is currently set to 20 seconds.

Background image selection. By selecting this drop point the selection “screen” is opened and you can select the images you want to use as a background image. No limits how many images you can use. The image selection shown consists of images stored into multiple locations; the paths used are \\Data\\Images\\Backgrounds and \\Images\\Backgrounds and the drives scanned are C, E and Z. If you want to use your own images as backgrounds place them into these  folders on the C or E drive.  To end the selection process just tap outside of the selection view (grid).


Additional Bubbles

Additional to the Core Bubbles, described above, three (previously four) additional bubbles can be installed.

Flashlight bubble

Nokia phones can also be used as a flashlight. Some phone models has this functionality tight to some hardware key; E72 has it in spacebar key ie. by pressing the spacebar for a while the flashlight is activated. N8 do not have this functionality build in as a default but touch phones can be used as a flashlight. With the Flashlight bubble you can active the flashlight mode and use your phone as one. To deactivate the mode just press the screen and the device returns to normal mode.

Map bubbleShot09-168x300

Although this bubble was originally available it was recently removed due to issues reported by the Beta Labs community. Hopefully this bubble will return in a future release.

Speedometer bubble

The Speedometer bubble has no function other than fun. hold this bubble and fling it around the screen and it will return information on the  current speed, top speed of the bubbles (cumulative) and distance (cumulative).

Battery bubble

If the battery is running low the battery bubble appears indicating the low power state. If the device is connected to charger while the Bubbles application starts the battery bubble indicates this also. This bubble is informational only .


Basically I love this little screensaver/screen lock app. It provides me with a number of useful functionalities and also puts a smile on my face. Why don’t you give it a try.


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