vlingo released for Symbian^3

Main Having been using vlingo since testing the early beta on my old Nokia N95 (S60v3.1) and the testing it further on my old Nokia N97 (S60v5) I was disappointed to be told that there were no plans for a Symbian^3 version when the Nokia N8 released. My faith was then restored this week when I visited the OVI Store and saw that development had been ongoing in the background after all, resulting in the first Symbian^3 version.

The basic premise of this application is to replace the default voice recognition software on mobile phones with a more feature rich alternative. As well as providing the standard “Contact” calling and application opening via voice command capability  vlingo enables speech-to-text functionality. This futher enables the user to start internet searches, make notes, create and send text messages and e-mails and send Facebook updates.

Previous versions of the app for symbian have been split into two versions:

  • vlingo – all features are available, but the number of text and e-mail usages per month is limited.
  • vlingo plus – all features are available with no usage limit.

The good news is that the latest incarnation provides Nokia users with the full vlingo Plus version free of charge.

All sounds good unless you have debatable mobile reception where you live or when you need to use this app as all voice analysis is undertaken remotely over a data connection. This connection can, of course, be Wi-Fi although there seems to be a slight issue that the data connection is maintained open fir longer than I would like post start-up or usage resulting in battery drain.

When I compare this new version with older version I am unable to see any extra features, but the front end GUI has received a nice update. I had hoped however that OVI Maps integration might have been added and it is a long time since I requested Twitter posting to accompany the Facebook status updates.

All I can do is hope for further updates for Symbian phones before the demise of Symbian in a couple of years time. I will have the application installed on my N8 in the interim, as when you have a data connection this is the best voice recognition application I am aware of.

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2 Responses to “vlingo released for Symbian^3”

  1. June 23, 2011 at 10:35 am

    Nokia C3 has no voice dialing! I have a 10 year old LG flip with voice dial. All I wanted was wifi & voice-dialing. I guess my search continues.

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