Favourite Apps is now my favourite widget

icon_star_text-96x96 Whilst doing my usual browser of the internet and twitter I noted a reference to this app on a blog (if I could remember the blog I would provide a link).

You should have guessed by the name of this post that the app is Favourite Apps by Jaakko Haukipuro. After recently testing and reviewing SPB Shell 3D I was left wishing that the standard Symbian Ann homescreen supported the same kind of folder bars. This made it all the better when I found out about  Favourite Apps.


The basic premise of this app is that the user replaces the standard “Shortcuts” widget, which provides 4-off application shortcuts in a single homescreen bar with the Favourite Apps widget providing direct access to 1 less application shortcuts, but two tap access to another 12-off shortcuts.

Another excellent thing about this widget is that you can fill your homescreens with Favourite Apps widgets with some for Applications and some for web bookmarks (selected from your web browser bookmarks list) although the site favicons do not show, but I believe this is a symbian and not an app issue.

The only down side for me at the moment is that the background for the 12-shortcut view is derived from the current phone theme. Some may not see this as a bad thing, but my ideal would be that the background was semi-transparent, smoked. I can understand that creating this sort of background could appear a little unclear dependent on the degree of transparency, but my suggest solution for that would be make the section of the homescreen behind the Favourite Apps background slightly out of focus. It is, of course, easy for me to make these suggestions, but it may be a lot harder to bring them to fruition.


The app will require you to hand over a miserly £1, but it is well worth the expenditure and will be a staple inclusion on my homescreen from now on. BUY IT!


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