SymPaper: Clean & Simple Read It Later Client for Symbian

OviIcon-SymPaper-96x96 Have you ever seen a something on the web that tweaks your interest, but you just don’t have the time to read it. There have been a number of options around this for a while now, but the problem has been the lack of Symbian support. One of these offering goes by the name of Read It Later which I have been using for a while, with the ability to send links from Symbian apps like Gravity from Mobileways.de, with no way of reading them on device. Enter SymPaper.

For those of you that are not aware of Read It Later, they describe it as:

“Read It Later lets you save what you find on the web to watch and read on any device, at any time.
It’s been called "a DVR for the web" by the New York Times, Business Week, Time, TechCrunch and more.”

The problem has been that a quick trip to the Read It Later website and you leave with the opinion that it is yet another site with an undying love for all that is Apple and a little for Android, and none for Symbian.

The good news is that there is a nicely constructed solution in the form of SymPaper.

scr000249    scr000256    Scr000184    scr000255

On initial opening of the app you are welcomed with the your Read It Later list, with the selected link with a distinct yellow blackground helping it stand out from 50 yards. Other links are easily identified as read or unread by bold font, the appearance of the bookmark icon for unread links and greying of read links.

At the top of the screen is a quick search window and at the bottom is a Symbian Belle styled 4 icon toolbar with (left to right) exit (arrow), add link (via copy and paste or manual entry of the links and description), View Type menu (doc icon) and SymPaper menu (three horizontal bars).

scr000251    scr000252    scr000253

When you tap on one of the links the article opens with wordwrap and standard vertical scrolling and a new bottom toolbar with (from left to right) back (arrow), Share article (standard share icon), mark read (tick) and Article Options menu (three horizontal bars).

One of the major selling points of this app for me is its simple, yet intuitive feel and operation. The reason that I came to buy my first Nokia device c.14 years ago and have stayed with Nokia since.


With a price tag of £3, SymPaper won’t break the bank, but will make it much easier to keep up to date with the excess of information available on the internet.


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