SymFTP: Wi-Fi based file transfer for Symbian


Many time both myself and others have asked for a method of connecting and browsing and transferring files on and off our Nokia smartphones with no joy.

Recently I found out about an excellent app that makes this possible. The app goes by the name of SymFTP and is developed by the same person as created SymPaper which I recently reviewed.

Operation of the app is about as easy as physically possible having a large connect/disconnect button at the centre of the screen. When it’s red it’s disconnected and when it’s bright green it’s connected. In addition to this easy visual signage, above the button the GUI displays either “disconnected” or the IP address and port number that you need to type into your PC web browser (e.g. Firefox)or file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer).

scr000186   Scr000180   Scr000175   Scr000176

There are two ways to navigate around the app, either via the Options menu or by the three tabs below the connect/disconnect button, providing quick access to (from left to right) the main screen, the settings screen and the help screen (although you shouldn’t need it).

Once on the settings screen you can set your user name and password and set the port number to be used along with which drive you wish to browser (currently you can only access one drive and have to disconnect and change drives prior to re-connecting to change drives). Finally you can set sharing to anonymous if you do not wish for a username and password to be required.

 Scr000177    Scr000178    Scr000179

As advised in the help text (above) the fact that your PC will see your phone as a single drive, which ever drive you select to share means that if you disconnect and change shared drives you may need to force a refresh on your PC to see the newly connected shared drive.

Possible future improvements

I have been advised by the developer that many people have requested the ability to share multiple drives but as yet he has not been able to get this to work. As a result I’m not sure the probability is very high that this feature will appear in a future version.

Another request I have heard is for the app to enable ftp over GSM, but the developer has not looked into this at all as of yet. It has now been added to the bug and request log and will be considered for a future release.


This is a long awaited app which is yet another must have for me and many others. The full version comes in at £3 and if you want to check it out first you can try a C:/ drive limited trial version. If you want to transfer files and don’t like wires this is a lifeline.


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