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SymNote-96x96Following my recent reviews of SymPaper and SymFTP I have now arrived at the final part of the three part app trilogy, in the form of SymNote which is a Symbian client for SimpleNote App which is a cloud based notes system enabling creation, upload, modification and sharing notes via PC, smartphone and web.

Interaction with the app is simple like its “Sym” siblings. The app opens to the notes list with an integrated search window at the top of screen. At the bottom of the screen the user is presented with (from left to right) exit (arrow), add note (plus symbol), Tag filter (tag symbol) and menu (three horizontal lines). Tapping on the menu button provides access to the  View Mode menu, Sync, Sync Options, Info, Sign Out and Exit. By accessing the View Mode menu the user can choose between All Notes, Active Notes, Deleted Notes, Un-Synced Notes.

I have noticed a bug whilst navigating between View Modes, Tag filters and Search results where the full notes list sometimes takes a while to re-compile.

Scr000160    Scr000161    Scr000163    Scr000162

A tap on Sync Options enables the user to select between automatic and manual note synchronisation with the cloud. If Auto is selected the phone will connect and synchronise automatically on app start-up.

Scr000164    Scr000165    Scr000166    Scr000168

Once set-up, creating notes is simple. Tap on the plus symbol and then tap on the note screen and the keyboard will pop-up in half screen mode. Type in your note and tap on the green tick. All done.

After the note is complete you can save the note by tapping on the disc symbol, bring up the “Note Info” on the note by tapping the “i” symbol or open the note menu by tapping the menu button (three horizontal lines). Once the “Note Info” screen is accessed the user can ad tags to the note to make finding it easier via the tag filter.



As well as tag creation, the Note Info screen informs the user of the note title, created and last modified date, pinned and shared, deleted status along with the number of times the note has been synchronised.

Opening the Note menu provides access to re-fetch note from the servers, undo all changes, return to list view, losing all changes, search the note or pin the note.

After using note apps for a long time now. This is the best one I have come across, based on it’s simplicity and ease of use.


Like SymFTP, SymNote is priced as £3. Although this makes it a little pricey compared to the many £1 apps on the OVI Store, SymNote is well worth the price, based on the ability to create notes on PC/Web, to read and update on your mobile or vice verca. Another top app from  TalvBansal.


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