Make add-ins compatible with newer versions of Firefox

firefox Being a long time Firefox beta user I often hit the issue of add-ons not being compatible with the latest beta. Quite often the issue is not actually compatibility, but the maximum supported Firefox version stated in the installer file (.xpi).

Below is a way in which you can re-enable the add-ons to install on newer versions of browser:

  • Find the Firefox add-in on the Firefox Add-ons pages and right click on the download button to select “Save link as”.
  • Once you have the .xpi file on your PC it’s time to change the file extension to .zip so that you can access the content of the compressed archive.
  • Open the new .zip file and extract the install.rdf file.
  • Change the install.rdf file extension to .txt
  • Open the install.txt file with Notepad
  • Find “maxVersion” in the file and replace the number after it with the version number you want to support up to and save the change
  • Change the install.txt file extension back to .rdf
  • Replace the install.rdf file within the zip file with the newly modified version.
  • Change the .zip file extension back to .xpi

You can now add this add-on to your current version of Firefox.

This has helped me out a few time and I hope it helps you too.


1 Response to “Make add-ins compatible with newer versions of Firefox”

  1. September 23, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Have you tried the Add-on Compatibility Reporter?

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