QuickOffice Pro 7: QuickPoint

QO_PRO_512x512-96x96 This Review forms part of a multi-part review:

QuickPowerPoint is a sub-app of QuickOffice Pro 7 enabling creation, editing and viewing of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. One thing to note is that although Microsoft Word supports many different document file formats QuickWord is limited to .ppt (PowerPoint presentation), .pptx (PowerPoint 2007 presentation) and .pps (PowerPoint showe) file formats according to the user guide, although the save as menu does not offer .pptx (PowerPoint 2007 presentation).

Once you have selected “Create Document” on the main QuickOffice screen and “Presentation” from the Create menu you are presented with a blank white text window.

A nice touch across the latest QuickOffice offering is pinch to zoom support, which is why you will not see a zoom option in the options menus, although sometimes numeric zoom option can sometimes be useful.

One glitch I have noted in QuickPowerPoint is that text boxes and slide items can be swiped straight off the slide without knowing it’s impact.

  Scr000015     Scr000016

Pressing the “Options” button within the bottom bar provides access to:

  • Save: “Save as” for new documents with “Save” available for document updates.
  • Edit Textbox: Display text input keyboard, instead of using the keyboard button.
    • Edit text: Opens the default keyboard and starts text entry with a new “Options” menu.
      • Accept Changes: Saves the changes to the cell and exits cell entry. This can also be achieved by tapping the Close button.
      • Zoom: Select from a simple zoom in or zoom out.
      • Editing options: Select from “Cut”, “Copy” and “Paste” although this is redundant as copy and paste is available form the keyboard during text entry.
      • Writing Language: A list of languages that the app can be converted to. The interesting thing is that changing the language here does not change the menu language and does not appear to change spell checking.
      • Format
        • Font Style: Select from “Bold”, “Italics”, “Underline”, “Strikethrough” and Super- and Sub-script
        • Font: Select from fonts, size, colour.
        • Paragraph: Select from text alignment, line spacing, space before and after paragraphs and bulleted color.
      • Help: Redundant as it is no different to the option in the standard QuickSheet Options menu, which does not provide any help.

 Scr000014    Scr000018    Scr000019    Scr000020

  • Flip horizontally: Flips the text box horizontally, although the text orientation does not change.
  • Flip vertically: Flips the text box vertically and rotates the text 180 degrees.
  • Font Style: Select from “Bold”, “Italics”, “Underline”, “Strikethrough” and Super- and Sub-script
  • Font: Select from fonts, size, colour.
  • Paragraph: Select from text alignment, line spacing, space before and after paragraphs and bulleted color.
  • Colors & lines: Select from “Fill color”, “Line Color”, “Line Style” (across width of line), “Dash Line” (across length of line) and “Line weight” (thickness of line).
  • Positions: Select from horizontal and vertical position, height and width, rotation (angle) and the text anchor point (default is Middle
  • Insert:  Select from Textbox, Image, Autoshape and Table.
    • Textbox: Opens the text box editing view and menu.
    • Image: Provides thumbnails of all images in the images folders on all phone drives. Once added a new “Edit Image” option can be found when the image is selected which enables flipping of the image in both the horizontal and vertical, “colors & lines” adjustment and image positioning.
    • Autoshape: Presents a list of available autoshapes including arrows, rectangle, oval and line.
    • Table: Enables setting of the number of rows and columns in the table prior to it’s addition to the slide. Once added a new “Edit Table” option can be found when the table is selected to adjust “colors & lines” and set table position.
  • Edit: Select from Undo and Delete.
  • Slide: Enables addition, deletion and moving of slides.
    • Insert new slide: Select from “Blank”, “Title”, “Title Only”, “Title and Text”, “Title and 2-column Text”. 
    • Delete slide: Removes slide from presentation
    • Move slide up: Moves slide forward in the presentation
    • Move slide down: Moves slide forward in the presentation
  • Zoom: Transitions to a Zoom view with options to “Zoom in”, “Zoom out” or change to “Full screen” view. 
  • Go to Slide: Select from “Next slide” or “Last slide”.
  • Updates & Upgrades: This option is somewhat redundant as it appears to be a duplicate of the Store button from the Main QuickOffice screen, working as a link to the Free Downloads page of the QuickOffice App Store.
  • Help
    • Help: Opens the internal help app, which unluckily is pretty much non-existent when it comes to QuickOffice help.

    • Register: Opens the registration screen no matter if the app has already been registered. In my opinion this should be hidden once QuickOffice has been registered.
    • About QuickOffice: Displays information on the version QuickOffice which is installed.
    • Exit: Exits QuickWord and QuickOffice.


    For me this sub-app of QuickOffice is the weakest of the bunch. This is not specifically due to it’s build quality or content, but more it’s use case. The only real use for me would be the linking of the smartphone to a large display or projector and presenting direct from device. This app can do a heck of a lot, but the main limitation is the size of the device on which the slides are being worked on.

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    6 Responses to “QuickOffice Pro 7: QuickPoint”

    1. 1 CLTSchwarz
      September 26, 2011 at 1:59 am

      I found Quickpoint would not do 720P over HDMI. Quick Word and Adobe would display in 720P very nicely!
      I would use Quickpoint to do presentations but because of this limitation I haven’t. Last time I tried HDMI with Quickpoint was pre Symbian Anna so they may have fixed it.

    2. 2 CLTSchwarz
      October 31, 2011 at 1:01 am

      I finally plugged my Anna phone into a HDMI tellie and Quickpoint doesn’t play in 720P. Maybe the PRO version does but I haven’t paid for it. If the pro version advertised that it did then I probably would pay the money to get this functionality.
      QuickWord and the adobe reader do, it’s just quickpoint that looks quite ugly.

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