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This Review forms part of a multi-part review:

QuickWord is a sub-app of QuickOffice Pro 7 enabling creation, editing and viewing of Microsoft Word documents. One thing to note is that although Microsoft Word supports many different document file formats QuickWord is limited to .doc (Word document), .docx (Word 2007 document) and .txt (Test file) file formats according to the user guide, although the save as menu also offers .docm (Word 2007 Macro).

Once you have selected “Create Document” on the main QuickOffice screen and “Document” from the Create menu you are presented with a blank white text window. Sadly tapping in the text window does nothing, but you have to tap on the keyboard icon in the centre of the bottom button bar.

 Scr000216    Scr000217

Once the keyboard has appeared and text entry is possible it becomes apparent that QuickOffice does not support the default predictive text functionality. This has been the main reason for my not using QuickOffice since it’s port to Symbian^3. The response from the development team on this issue is that users can visit the QuickOffice App Store, as explained in the QuickOffice Pro 7 Review,  and download separate Spell Checkers free of charge. For me, this is not enough as modern predictive text systems are designed to suggest correction resulting from users missing there intended keys on the soft keyboard. Entering text and then spell checking at the end looses the context of key presses thus making spell checking a great deal less reliable.

Scr000220     Scr000036

I am happy to say, with the release of Swype 2.0 beta over at Nokia Beta Labs, predictive text is possible in QuickOffice on Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna devices. Having tested this for a while now I am happy to say that this works very well with the Swype team having made some major steps forward with it’s performance and responsiveness.

Scr000221    Scr000038    Scr000218    Scr000219

A nice touch across the latest QuickOffice offering is pinch to zoom support, which is why you will not see a zoom option in the options menus, although sometimes numeric zoom option can sometimes be useful.

Pressing the “Options” button within the bottom bar provides access to:

  • Save: “Save as” for new documents with “Save” available for document updates.

Scr000226    Scr000224    Scr000225    Scr000229

  • Keyboard: Display text input keyboard, instead of using the keyboard button.
  • Edit: Select all option
  • View: Page Layout which provides access to a somewhat limited menu containing a single page layout option (Reading Layout) and a “Go to page” option, and Word Count which displays the number of words in the document.
  • Find & Replace: Opens a new screen enabling the user to enter the text to be found, the replacement text and select if the search is case sensitive and the direction of the search (up or down)
  • Format
    • Font Style: Select from “Bold”, “Italics”, “Underline”, “Strikethrough” and Super- and Sub-script
    • Font: Select from fonts, size, colour and background colour (highlighting)
    • Paragraph: Select from text alignment, line spacing, space before and after paragraphs and bulleted lists.
  • Insert
    • Table: Insert table and choose the number of rows and columns within it. Once in the table the options menu now contains Edit Table which contains:
      • Insert rows below
      • Insert row above
      • Delete row
      • Delete table
    • Image: Opens a gallery of thumbnails of all images within the “Image” folders within all drives. Sadly there is no option to re-size the image within the document.
    • Bullet: Inserts a bulleted list. Once in a bulleted list the options menu now contains indentation level. When in a bulleted list selecting “Options”, “Insert” and “Bullet” returns you to standard text.
  • Spelling: Once a spell check dictionary has been downloaded and installed this options runs spell checking on the document contents.

Scr000222     Scr000223

  • Go to: Direct navigation to the top, middle or bottom of the document. This option has it’s uses, but a go to page option would also be useful from this menu, although it is already provided via the View screen.
  • Updates & Upgrades: This option is somewhat redundant as it appears to be a duplicate of the Store button from the Main QuickOffice screen, working as a link to the Free Downloads page of the QuickOffice App Store.
  • Writing Language: A list of languages that the app can be converted to. The interesting thing is that changing the language here does not change the menu language and does not appear to change spell checking.
  • Help
    • Help: Opens the internal help app, which unluckily is pretty much non-existent when it comes to QuickOffice help.
    • Register: Opens the registration screen no matter if the app has already been registered. In my opinion this should be hidden once QuickOffice has been registered.
    • About QuickOffice: Displays information on the version QuickOffice which is installed.
  • Exit: Exits QuickWord and QuickOffice.


With the use of Swype 2.0 beta QuickWord is a very capable text and document creation and editing applications for smartphones. This is the most important part of QuickOffice as it is the area of functionality within QuickOffice which has the most wide ranging appeal.

This and the newly incorporated Cloud integration (ability to save/create documents to/from the web) make QuickOffice worth it’s money.

See the main QuickOffice Pro 7 Review for more information.


10 Responses to “QuickOffice Pro 7: QuickWord”

  1. 1 Giampiero Martino
    January 29, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Hi 🙂

    First of all, I’d claim my appreciation for your article.
    I got a Nokia N8-00 and stayed astonished as I realized “predictive text” is unavailable in Quickoffice…
    As I read this page, my hopes were rebirthing: I run to the Swype link to download and install it on my handset…
    but soon I discovered that the app is unfit for my N8 😦
    My Quickoffice release is 6.4.460.

    So, I’d ask to you: “Is there any way to get “predictive text” — even to buy — in my phone?
    I’m Italian, so I need an Italian dictionary inside the app enabling “predictive text”.

    Thank you so much for any suggestion

    • January 29, 2012 at 11:36 am

      The version of Swype available from the link below should work with predicitive text, so I’m informed.

      • 3 Giampiero Martino
        February 17, 2012 at 2:16 pm

        Right! I installed version 1 and it works good but minimal “strange” reactions.
        I’m going to try v2 (it seems there are two v2 releases, and I wasn’t able to find and download the latest one).

        A NEW QUESTION (I hope I’m not takin too muck advantage of your kindness)
        I have a doc to be edited.
        Suppose I put the cursor in the empty line between upper and lower text.
        As I edit (the keyboard opens, with Swype running), all the text written under the empty line isn’t shown.
        If I move the cursor below nothing seems to happen (indeed it moves inside the hidden text), but If I tap a carriage return, then the hidden text appears.
        Quickword or Swype the guilty?
        Any suggestion?

        Thanks a lot 🙂

      • March 12, 2012 at 7:46 pm

        Best check would be to disable Swype from the Settings app and then repeat the QuickOffice test with the standard keyboard.

        Let me know how you get on.

  2. December 29, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    Personally, I really like the Quickoffice Pro. I don’t have any problems using it. The only thing I badly needed is the spell check file where I have to download it from Google Drive. Apparently, I am not able to download the file from Google Drive. I don’t know why. I hope I can get a reply from them after I contact their customer support.

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