REVIEW: GoToMenu Swipe Access to Task Manager & More

GoToMenu_ClearBored with the standard method of accessing the Task Manager or want to sue the Menu button for something else?

If you answered yes, then you need GoToMenu.

This app takes simplicity to the next level as in some ways it isn’t an app at all as it is more of a GUI tweak.

When you open the GoToMenu interface you are presented with six full screen width buttons (see left hand image below):-

  • Application disabled [default] / enabled – Toggle the GUI tweak on/off
  • Autostart disabled [default] / enabled – Toggle auto-start on/off
  • Settings (see centre & right hand images below)
    • Work in landscape mode – Toggle the GUI tweak on/off in landscape mode
    • Work with slide from right to left – Toggle User selectable right/left swipe on/off
    • A list of apps, where to work program – Select which apps the GUI tweak works in
    • What show on slide from right to left – Select which app is opened by right/left swipe
    • Use vertical gesture on homescreen – Toggle between vertical and horizontal swipe functionality in landscape mode
  • Other products – provides info on other apps developed by DzSoft
  • See how it works – guidance notes on how the app/GUI tweak works
  • Hide – GoToMenu must run in the background for the GUI tweak to work

Scr000076        Scr000077        Scr000078

The main issues I have with this app are that the settings could be better worded and a “Menu” button re-allocation option would be nice so that an additional app is not required to make the most out of GoToMenu’s retiring of the button.


To be honest, GoToMenu may not stay on my phone as I have no issues with the default “Menu” button functionality, but this is not to say that this is a not nice little app.

If you do want a different way to switch between Task Manager and other apps then GoToMenu is quite reasonably priced at £1.


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