REVIEW: Nokia Lumia 800 @TeckRadar

TechRadar Those that follow me on twitter (@MartynBrett) will have noticed that I have recently reviewed the Nokia Lumia 800 for TechRadar.

For those that had not seen the review here’s a link:


You should note that, as discussed in the review, the Nokia Lumia 800 reviewed had pre-release software on and I will be writing an update to the review when the production software releases.


The phone may have some shortcoming in the form of the video camera (no zoom during video recording, lag on both focus and light response when panning), severely cut down version of Maps compared with Symbian^3 phones and poor battery life, but this is expected to be improved upon when the public release software arrives.

Nokia have worked VERY hard in a very short timeframe (Nokia/Microsoft partnership announced in Feb’2011 and phone releases Nov’2011). The main positives I have noted are:

  • The address book is merged from your old phone contacts (Bluetooth transfer), Windows Live, G-Mail, Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter and backed up on Windows Live.
  • You have direct access to online storage on Windows SkyDrive.
  • The tiled homescreen makes it easier to operate your phone without having to stop what you are doing and look as closely, although if you do you may not have to move of your homescreen as some detail can be displayed on the active tiles.
  • The interface is intuitive with icons used instead of words in the button bars, with the icons used needing minimal explanation.

There are many other positives for this phone which is why I want one.

Read it and let me know what you think.

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