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REVIEW: JBL Play UP portable NFC BT Speaker

WP_000015Thanks to the Nokia Connects team we have received a trial JBL Play Up which is the first speaker incarnation from their partnership with Nokia for audio accessory design. For those of you who have been Nokia followers for a few years the JBL Play Up is a development of the Nokia 360 portable BT (Bluetooth) speaker with a modernised Lumia styling and JBL audio internals.

As a long time user of both the Nokia and JBL product catalogue. The simplest comparison is audio quality of the new JBL Play Up vs that of the older JBL On-Stage (from 2005) and JBL On-Stage micro (from c.2007).

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WordPress for Windows Phone Updated

This is a test post from the newly released version 1.7 of WordPress for Windows Phone.
The main additions in this update are support for Local Drafts, Post Formats and image posting position.
Along with these expansions on the previous version of the app, it is now compatible with Windows Phone 8, language support has been extended and the translation functionality has been improved. Finally there are a number of bug fixes and reliability improvements. Continue reading ‘WordPress for Windows Phone Updated’


REVIEW: Nokia Lumia 800 @TeckRadar

TechRadar Those that follow me on twitter (@MartynBrett) will have noticed that I have recently reviewed the Nokia Lumia 800 for TechRadar.

For those that had not seen the review here’s a link:

You should note that, as discussed in the review, the Nokia Lumia 800 reviewed had pre-release software on and I will be writing an update to the review when the production software releases.

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